Semura Maid & Employment Agency Pte. Ltd. was incorporated in the Republic of Singapore on 5th May 2021 to provide efficient, trustworthy & value-added services to our clients in the manpower recruitment industry especially in the recruitment/placement of Migrant Domestic Workers (Full-time/Stay-in Helpers/Maids).
These maids/helpers have become an integral part in the lives of Singaporeans as many of us rely on them to look after our elderly parents and young children while we are at work.
Thus, it's very crucial that we hire the right candidate to look after our dear ones and that's where Semura Maid & Employment Agency comes in hand to alleviate the mammoth task of picking the right person for your household. It's no easy task but neither is it an impossible one for us.
Our team of dedicated employment agency personnels will sift through the bio-datas to recommend the most suitable candidates for your final pick.
We in Semura Maid will ensure that you get our continued support, guidance, advise and mediation wherever necessary even after the completion of the hiring process and throughout the course of employment of your domestic helpers hired through us. This is our promise to you !

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